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on which the not-so-perfectly voiced Phair wrote unabashedly of how girls could be overtly sexual and heartbreakingly vulnerable at the same time. So that's a challenge for me — getting back into that singular point of view. So he comes to me and goes, "Lizzy, listen, the record's great, but they're not digging this.

This week, old-school Liz followers will have a chance to reclaim their heroine, when she reissues . it wasn't a particularly happy state, it was a kind of pissed-off, fuck-the-world, separate-from-the-world state. In the documentary, John Cusack says he saw you as “the wrath of the repressed.” Did you feel like that when you were making the record, and do you still? restaurant, and a nice one, and I reacted in a very strange way to the whole Obama-Hillary thing. Why don't you go into the photo booth, take off your shirt, leave on your necklaces." And before I went into the bathroom, he was like, "Oh, and remember to put lipstick on your nipples," because I have very light-pink nipples, and I figured it was some weird porno thing he knew about. I was always game to try fun and somewhat reckless things.

" Away from here "Do you want to be a polyester bride?

Better Dating Ideas Los Angeles offers weekly tips for the best places for a date in your city.

Kids want to see their dreams onstage — which used to be harmless — but cool, cold fantasies about credibility, cash and chaos in the digital age have given rise to an increasingly cocksure collection of garage-rock dopes with store-bought sticky-up hair.

It’s a solid indication that pose is still prose to the uneducated, and that nothing has really changed in fifty years.

" And I was sitting, not two days ago Feeling lonely, 'cause I'm just feeling low And I asked Henry, my bartending friend Why it is that there are those kind of men And Henry said, "You're lucky to even know me, You're lucky to be alive.

Bringing the vast love for all things comics, sci-fi TV & movies, and video games to your door step this Easter weekend.Check out our weekly postings for unique and romantic dates in LA.Jane Lynch Enjoy a night out with the hilarious Jane Lynch as she shows off her singing talents from what she’s learned during her time on the hit show Daughter At The Ace Hotel Theatre The London-based trio that has swept the nation is preforming what’s sure to be an unforgettable concert this weekend at The Ace Hotel.Chan Marshall was never so much fun, never crude or masculine; she’s the opposite fantasy, the porcelain art-school doll whose confusion you never understood.She’s the girl that never called you back, that made you lose your cool and leave two messages.

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